Liv & Erik Johansen

Liv: Designer & chef | Erik: Founder of Stylt

Liv Johansen holds a recent degree in industrial design from Lund University in Sweden. She gained valuable industry experience through internships at HAY in Copenhagen and Tatic Design Studio in Milan. Currently, Johansen is establishing a ceramic studio while working as a chef at the lighthouse island Pater Noster – a home on the horizon in Sweden. In her culinary role, she innovates with food and techniques to create exceptional dining experiences for guests. More over Liv is involved in an ongoing project, sourcing decor and props for the 25Hours Hotel Indre By.

Erik Nissen Johansen is the founder and creative director of Stylt, a globally acclaimed hospitality design studio headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. With over 30 years of industry experience, Stylt seamlessly integrates concept development, interior architecture, design, and branding to curate unparalleled hotel and restaurant experiences worldwide. Under Erik’s stewardship, Stylt has garnered numerous prestigious awards, including the Global UNESCO Prix Versailles for best hotel interior twice, dual wins at the National Geographic Traveller Big Sleep Awards, and multiple AHEAD awards, among others.

With a diverse portfolio boasting more than 400 restaurants and 250 hotels, Erik’s emphasis on storytelling as a cornerstone of design ensures the creation of cohesive, engaging, and memorable experiences. By weaving narratives into every aspect of development, from brand positioning to setting the table, Stylt crafts designs that resonate deeply with guests, fostering enduring emotional connections and driving word-of-mouth publicity. Moreover, Erik’s commitment to storytelling renders Stylt’s concepts resilient to fluctuating trends, ensuring timeless relevance and longevity in the ever-evolving hospitality landscape.

Among Stylt’s notable completed and ongoing projects are the Pater Noster Lighthouse in Marstrand, Renaissance hotels in Amsterdam and ParisNiehku Mountain Villa, and the Hyatt CENTRIC Dubai. Additional endeavors include the 25h Hotel in Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Jakarta and MelbourneDowntown Camper by Scandic in Stockholm, and the Smoki Korean Marriott in Dubai, Hoxton HamburgShack 15 Ferry building San FranciscoHotel DRAKEN Gothenburg Scandic Aarhus Ø among others.

Through visionary leadership and a steadfast dedication to storytelling, Erik Nissen Johansen continues to redefine excellence in hospitality design, shaping experiences that captivate guests around the globe.