Moving hospitality
The Lobby is a movement – a community where top decisionmakers from the European hospitality industry meet to consciously learn from each other, network and shape the future. We motivate the hotel industry to think forward with innovative angles and cool key-note-speaks.

The Lobby is a two-day event. Day one with a prevent and a networking dinner, and day two is a conference day.

At the Lobby we dare to ask questions, we love to have fun, and restlessly strive for a better tomorrow.

The Lobby team
(from left) Julie, Project manager, Ulla, Photographer, Anne, Communication, Dorte, Co-founder The Lobby

Collective Mindset
At The Lobby, we develop long-term relationships in the hotel business – this is where network turns into friendship. We work hand in hand with sponsors and partners that see the greatest challenge of our time as their opportunity. Your ideas, methods, and products are taking an active role in the program.

The most important hotel event in the Nordic countries.
Stay in touch with regular updates from our website to see how and what we´re doing.

Next The Lobby in Sep 2024 in Copenhagen.

"I was dead impressed by the nice event - it was super inspiring and familiar.Nice meeting so many new and interesting people - What an energy boost for the fall. "

Linda Ågren, Hotel Design Manager, Scandic

2024 THEME
YOUTH – Cross-Generational Collaboration
Youth represents the heartbeat of innovation, driving change and pushing boundaries in ways that can redefine industries – such as ours – hospitality. In today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving business landscape, harnessing the energy, creativity, and fresh perspectives of the younger generation is not just a choice but a strategic imperative.

In an era where the planet faces unprecedented environmental challenges, the youth emerge as a powerful force driving change towards a sustainable future. The energy and enthusiasm of the youth, coupled with their digital savvy, make them natural champions for sustainable practices. From advocating for renewable energy solutions to promoting eco-friendly lifestyles, the younger generation is actively contributing to the global movement towards a greener and more sustainable planet.

As the digital era unfolds, the agility, tech-savviness, and adaptability of young minds can be a catalyst for embracing cutting-edge technologies, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and staying ahead of market trends.

Indeed, beyond digital and sustainable innovation, the diverse and inclusive nature of youth brings a wealth of perspectives to the table. Embracing this diversity not only enhances creativity but also reflects the evolving expectations of a globalized and socially conscious consumer base.

The Lobby 2024 claims
Unlock the limitless potential of cross-generational collaboration, where the dynamic exchange of ideas, experiences, and perspectives not only bridges gaps but fuels innovation, fosters mentorship, and cultivates a rich tapestry of collective wisdom for a brighter future.


Programme 2024

(we can’t wait the release of our program in Spring 2024)

“No joke: best hotel conference we’ve ever attended. Great speakers, informal, genuine vibe and lovely organizers.”

Hans Meyer, Founder of Zoku and Former Founder of CitizenM


Check out our cool Lobby sponsors. They all have solid knowledge about hospitality and a curiosity to learn new aspects of sustainable solutions. At The Lobby you get to meet all the sponsors, and you will have a unique opportunity to talk and discuss relevant topics.

We’re still open for sponsors. Please contact us, and we will explain how we aim to spark ideas about a forward-thinking and more conscious hospitality industry.


Meet our friends.
Friends listen, learn, share and help each other, without any commitments nor hidden agendas. Our Lobby friends help us share our thoughts and they help develop The Lobby event to both meet your expectations and to surprise you at the event with new ideas on how to create a change – a change making the hospitality industry more sustainable. More vibrant. More interesting.

Our friends all represent cool brands like: Union Kul, Nordkranen, AM-PM, A Studio Between, Hilton, Zoku, Embassies of Good Living, Conran and Partners, Cibola Holding, MisterSteel, Studio LOST, Concrete Amsterdam, Stylt Trampoli, HC Tomorrow, Stockholm Creative Edition, Under One Sky, Studio Aisslinger, Riklin Brothers


Charlie MacGregor

CEO and founderThe Social Hub


Johannes Torpe

Founder and designerJohannes Torpe Studios


Just Bricks

FoundersJust Bricks


Perrot and Toresi

Global Chief Design / Global VP Design / Accor



Danish duoSharin Foo + Louise Foo


Design Hotels + designers

Design HotelsPiotr WisniewskiK-Studio


Selim Saukkomaa

Head of Global Brand ConceptsMarimekko


Christian Knörle / Porsche

Head of Company BuildingPorsche


Claus Meyer & Michael Ingemann

Culinary entrepreneur, Claus Meyer and chairman of THINK Hospitality, Michael Ingemann


“A good thing about The Lobby is that it is not too big. We need to be a group of people with different mindsets who can share ideas and experiences”.

Ilse Crawford, Founder StudioIlse



Episode 1: Mikkel Juel Iversen

Mikkel Juel Iversen
Founder Under One Sky

Episode 2: Catherine Dolton

Catherine Dolton

Episode 3: Josh Fehnert

Josh Fehnert

Episode 4: Slow + Studio Corkinho

Slow + Studio Corkinho

Image Gallery 2023

Video Gallery

2023 and 2022

“The Lobby has a line-up of speakers on a different level. Rich in ideas, thought-provoking suggestions, and inspirations”.

Jane Moyses, Director for Projects and FF&E Belmond

3Daysofdesign X The Lobby

At The Lobby we strive for a better tomorrow – and therefore super excited that we this summer 2023 was invited by 3Daysofdesign to make a special edition of The Lobby – A pop-up The Lobby – planning and hosting 3 talks at Mineralvandsfabrikken in Carlsberg Byen during the design festival.

The event had inspiring talks by fashion designer, artist and musician Henrik Vibskov, CEO at Briq Peter Bur, Creative partner fileunderpop Josefine Hoffmeyer, Founder Aamanns, Genbo, TV Host and Author Adam Aamann & Entrepreneur, Initiator and Ideaman behind Folkehuset and Kanalhuset Lennart Lajboschitz.

We invited London-based Editor Amy Frearson to co-host together with co-founder of The Lobby, Dorte Bagge.


Dorte Bagge:  dorte@thelobbycph.com mobile: +45 2562 6633