Let´s cut the crap – It’s time for the hospitality industry to wake up. We need to get real about the environmental and social challenges we are facing right now. This is an invite to embrace new perspectives, different choices and better goals, to have a positive impact on the people we work with and on the world we want to live in.

Room for Change
Welcome to THE LOBBY! We bring the hospitality industry together to tackle key challenges affecting our planet and its people. How we do this is – by offering our members a room for change to evoke movement in the industry and beyond.

Power of People
THE LOBBY is a platform for game changers across industries who move forward, inspire and shape the new standards in hospitality. Tune in to hear top speakers talking from the heart, bringing challenging perspectives and a focus on real sustainable solutions that can be implemented within the industry.

Collective Mindset
At THE LOBBY, we develop long-term relationships in the hotel business. We work hand in hand with sponsors and partners that see the greatest challenge of our time as their opportunity. Your ideas, methods, and products are taking an active role in the program.

The most important hotel event in the Nordic countries
The next LOBBY event will take place on 23rd August 2022 in Copenhagen. Stay in touch with regular updates from our website to see how and what we´re doing.



This is not about problem-solving but creation.
This is not about blaming but collaboration.
This is not about perfection but action.
Together we commit to a sustainable and more human world – because we know it’s possible!


“No joke: best hotel conference we’ve ever attended. Great speakers, informal, genuine vibe and lovely organizers.”

Hans Meyer, Founder of Zoku and Former Founder of CitizenM


22nd August 6-11pm

Meet the Speaker Exclusive Networking Event

Sponsor Workshop
During the Exclusive Networking Event, we host a workshop, where the sponsors discuss sustainability in future hotels. The specific subjects will be selected by The Lobby Friends who are expert decision-makers from the European Hotel Industry.The workshop will be documented and the conclusions handed out to all our guests.

We will be serving drinks and lovely food – and you will have plenty of time to meet new and old friends – networking your way through the evening.

23rd August 9.30-5pm

The Lobby Event (the Conference)

“The Lobby has a line-up of speakers on a different level. Rich in ideas, thought-provoking suggestions, and inspirations”.

Jane Moyses, Director for Projects and FF&E Hilton Worldwide


THE LOBBY have chosen to collaborate with the following hotels to offer accommodation during the event.
Use the discount code for each hotel to save on your booking.

Discount code: THELOBBY

Discount code: 25_thelobby


Check out our cool Lobby sponsors. They all have solid knowledge about hospitality and a curiosity to learn new aspects of sustainable solutions. At The Lobby you get to meet all the sponsors, and you will have a unique opportunity to talk and discuss relevant topics.
We’re still open for sponsors. Please contact us, and we will explain how we aim to spark ideas about a greener and more conscious hospitality industry.


Meet our friends.
Friends listen, learn, share and help each other, without any commitments nor hidden agendas. Our Lobby friends help us share our thoughts and they help develop The Lobby event to both meet your expectations and to surprise you at the event with new ideas on how to create a change – a change making the hospitality industry more sustainable. More vibrant. More interesting.

Our friends all represent cool brands like: Union Kul, Nordkranen, AM-PM, A Studio Between, Hilton, Zoku, Embassies of Good Living, Conran and Partners, Cibola Holding, MisterSteel, Studio LOST, Concrete Amsterdam, Stylt Trampoli, HC Tomorrow, Stockholm Creative Edition, Under One Sky, Studio Aisslinger, Riklin Brothers


More 2022 speakers will soon be announced.

Velvet Volume

Danish sister-rock-trioVelvet Volume


Serdar Kutucu



Riklin Brothers

Concept artistsAtelier für Sonderaufgaben 


Catherine Dolton

Chief Sustainability OfficerIHG Hotels & Resorts


Suzanne Oxenaar

Artistic directorSeven New Things.


Mikkel Juel Iversen

FounderUnder One Sky.


Jan Elhøj & Morten Kirckhoff

Explores and TV hostsZero stars and abandoned places


Jan Garde

Founder and ChairmanThe Embassies of Good Living.


Rob Wagemans

founder / creative directorconcrete


Eugène Staal

Hotelier and EntrepreneurYawn S.à.r.l 


“A good thing about The Lobby is that it is not too big. We need to be a group of people with different mindsets who can share ideas and experiences”.

Ilse Crawford, Founder StudioIlse


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Episode 1: Mikkel Juel Iversen

Mikkel Juel Iversen
Founder Under One Sky


Dorte Bagge:  dorte@thelobbycph.com mobile: +45 2562 6633