Hotel Management School Maastricht

Founded in 1950, the Hotel Management School Maastricht is one of the leading institutes in the field of hotel management in Europe.

It is their mission to provide the hospitality industry with highly qualified and passionate professionals who will go on to develop and innovate the industry. They aim to be an academic top player in the field of international hospitality. An institution that is recognized for its unique perspective on how changes in the industry can be put to business advantage. At Hotel Management School Maastricht they offer a Bachelor in Hotel Management and two Master programmes.

We see it as an inspiring challenge to focus the energies and talents of our staff and students, to transform academic insight into daily practice, and to contribute to the future of the hospitality business.

During the lobby, our researchers and students are present to network and commence their research on the new generation in Denmark. What can the Danish hospitality sector do to attract and ensure the new generation remains active in the industry? The results of the research will be published on our website and will be useful and inspiring in a European context.