Cédric Etienne

Designer and founder

Studio Corkinho

Studio Corkinho is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Antwerp / Belgium, aiming to elevate stillness in contemplative atmospheres.

They design limited editions within the fields of objects, furniture, and create contemplative atmospheres for interiors and micro-architecture. Out of the need to unplug from an overstimulated society, Cédric Etienne proposes a new language to stand still with silence and bring us again closer to our true nature.

Fascinated by the hidden power of isolation, Cédric Etienne wants to understand how to curate stillness and bring a higher meaning back into spaces. Out of this philosophy, he developed the STILL room concept.

Located at Noorderpershuis, a classified heritage building near the harbour of Antwerp, the STILL room is a place of rebirth, a repurposed space that was transformed into an architecture of silence.